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İslamı Suçlamak


This is a "yong adult" novel that I read one lazy summer afternoon whilst standing behind the counter of the bookstore where I worked. It is the sublime tale of Stargirl, who, among other quirks, has changed her own name several times throughout her life (ahem); and how the students of her new high school in small town AZ are at first wary of her, then beguiled, then downright hostile. Lovely illustration of the human response to what we don't understand.

2020-12-29 22:09


** spoiler alert ** Some of it was a little ridiculous... When Dr. Destiny is in the cafe the writing and images were incessantly trying to convey "This is so scary and weird why would anyone do that?" "Can you BELIEVE IT??" "Check this out!" "And then he did THIS!", and I was just sort of irritated that they were spending so much time throwing variations of the same thing at me. I also thought the description of the chick with the sand was way scarier than she actually turned out being and was not super amped on that. If you can't convey how effed up she's supposed to be maybe just don't show her. Same with cartoony Dr. Destiny. Anyway, aside from that I thought the storyline was sufficiently compelling and the characters are pretty engaging and fun. I am looking forward to reading the next one and seeing how that goes.

2020-08-11 16:02


This book immediately sucked me in to the and had me flipping pages (on the Kindle) at a break-neck pace until the end. Funaro does a much better job filling in the chilling details of The Scultor's activities, memories, and motivations, than he does with our protagonists, which is a bit of a fault. I really enjoyed this beach read.

2020-08-09 09:08


Bu, İkinci Dünya Savaşı'ndan hemen önceki yıllarda Japonya hakkında kültürel bilgilerle dolu yavaş tempolu bir romandır. Hız veya ayrıntıdan hiç vazgeçmedim, aksine bu unsurların karakter ve ortam gelişimine güçlü bir şekilde katkıda bulunduğunu gördüm. Hikaye bu dönemde dört üst sınıf kız kardeşin hayatını anlatıyor. Romanda tartışılan önemli bir tema değişen zamanlardır. Bu romanı çok beğendim. İşte blog yazımın bağlantısı.

2020-01-01 20:59

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