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First Blood (ilk Kan) ( DVD )


best one of them all

2022-10-04 07:14


Several years ago, my art teacher announced an assignment for the few underclassmen that remained in my drawing class after the seniors graduated: we were to do sidewalk paintings. She then turned on the overhead projector and showed us absolutely amazing artistic feats in this medium where the viewer looked like they were going to fall right into the drawings, where the perspective was so masterfully done that it looked like things were rising up from the street despite the fact that they were done in chalk pastels. Long story short, we didn’t succeed because after two class periods of sitting in the hot sun came the biggest rainstorm in five months and washed away all that work. After reading “Sidewalk Canvas,” only now do I realize just how little any of us knew about the art of sidewalk painting. “Sidewalk Canvas” starts out as many other art books do, with brief history of the craft and a gallery of related examples. Julie Kirk has done her research and really relates the origins of sidewalk paintings in a way that is both informative and entertaining. However, where this books really gets good is when she moves from simple show and tell to explaining how the depth of perspective is achieved. In some, it’s a matter of single or multiple point perspective, or perhaps a cast shadow in the right spot. Others, like the anamorphic perspective that is utilized by well known street painters with such enormous effects, are much more complicated. Kirk not only explains the basic theory behind creating anamorphic drawings, but then goes on to take the readers step-by-step on gridding out their own anamorphic sidewalk paintings. [image error] This book concludes with a basic chapter on color theory and drawing as well as a not-so-basic tips and techniques section that anyone that wishes to become a sidewalk artist would benefit from reading prior to starting any project. As a sidewalk painter herself, Kirk is able to give solid advice that even those that have had some experience in the field might find handy. With the unique voice, stunning visuals, and absolutely priceless advice, I would say that this book is a must-read for any artist. This galley was obtained from for review purposes.

2020-10-13 04:23

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