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Joseph Campbell'in "Tanrının Maskeleri" dizisi, bütün dünya mitolojilerinden bir seçme değil, mitolojiyi insanlığın ürettiği anlama ve anlamlandırma çabası olarak başta felsefe, antropoloji, psikoloji olmak üzere diğer disiplinlerden ve edebiyattan da yararlanarak çözümlediği ve aynı anda bütün bu insanlık birikiminin mitolojiden yararlanarak da anlaşılabileceğini ortaya koyan "tez"li bir başyapıttır. Campbell bu tezini, insanlığın doğum, ölüm, sevgi karşısındaki "kader"ine karşı tek bir kaynaktan doğup gelişen ve farklılaşan manevi yaşamının bütüncüllüğü üstüne kurduğu için de başarılıdır. Dünyanın tarihe geçmiş ve antropologlar eliyle toplanmış mitoslarını anlamlı bir bütünsellik içinde öğrenirken, Freud, Jung, Mann, Spengler, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Goethe, Wagner, Joyce, Picasso ve daha birçok düşünür ve sanatçının bu dünyaya bakışlarına, bir de böyle bir pencereden bakacaksınız. Doğu Mitolojisi, yaşam karşısında birey adına ve toplumun bir üyesi olarak üretilen kültürel yanıtların tanrısız erdemini Hint, Çin ve Japonya'nın felsefe, sanat ve siyaseti, tarih ve toplumsal yapısı bağlamında irdeler, insanlık serüveninin kast, devlet ve ata söylemleriyle üretimini sürdürür… (Tanıtım Bülteninden).

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Doğu Mitolojisi Tanrının Maskeleri 2


Del was deemed a felon at age 14. It wasn't really his fault though. Now he's stuck at seventeen with no conceivable future in front of him. The only thing he has in his world is his parrot Fred and digging graves. It's here, at the graveyard, where he meets a girl who shines a little light in his life. He has to tell her about his past, but Del doesn't know if he can say the words out loud. If he wants a future though, he has to overcome his past as best he can. Wow. This was an amazing story. I have read and loved Susan Vaught and the past and this novel just cements that I will continue to keep reading her novels. Del was an amazing character who answered the door when the wrong fate came a-knockin'. I loved the take on sexting in this novel. Susan presented in with hard facts. It may not really be wrong in the eyes of your parents and yourselves, but the swift hand of the law takes prisoners. Del was an extremely well-mannered kid considering all the crap that had been thrust into his lap. I would have been friends with him, because he seemed like a great person who just happened to have this black cloud following him around. Del's parrot Fred was amazing. She made me wish I could get an African Grey parrot (parrot is a girl). I would love it if this book had push buttons that made Fred noises, that way it would be just as ridiculous as I imagine Fred to be. Harper was pretty fantastic too. He was the graveyard owner and he was just a swell guy (minus the drinking). He understood Del in a lot of ways that nobody else seemed to, which is something Del really needed. This novel was just good in every way. The characters were vivid and alive and the small town seemed normal. It was interesting that Del worked at a graveyard too. A place to be alone with his thoughts and take a different perspective on a lot of things. Before the end of this year you all should definitely pick up this book; it will make you laugh and it will make you cry and it will make you angry. Hopefully you'll love it as much as I did though. First Line: "Dead zones." Favorite Lines: "The air fills chilled as I climb the rest of the stairs like a badly oiled robot, jerking at the joints." "Some of these people look so old they might have died last week and somebody forgot to wheel them out." Read more:

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As I continue to work my way through the Oz books with my kids, this one was probably my least favorite so far. I still enjoyed it, but not as much as the previous three. Dorothy was as adorable and charming as always, and I loved her pet kitten Eureka. However, the other characters just weren't as engaging as previous books. Zeb was pratically non-existant. Although, Jim the cab-horse was rather funny. The story wasn't as exciting either. While it continues to follow the familiar formula of the previous Oz books (i.e., getting from being lost to back home), the sense of adventure and excitment wasn't as prevalent. I didn't feel like the characters were ever in any real danger this time. I have to add though, once the characters reach Oz, we have "The Trial of Eureka the Kitten". This chapter was my favorite, and especially well done. I read all of the L. Frank Baum Oz books as kid and I remember that some of the later ones were my favorites. I'm looking forward to getting to these with my kids.

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2006 ya da 2007'de Kanada Okumaları galibi oldu.

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