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Delice - Hande Altaylı Birini sevince hayat cenet de olur cehenem de. “. Aliço Meryem’i içeri itip kapıyı kapatı ve ay dışarıda kaldı, yıldızlar dışarıda kaldı, ay ışığı da dışarıda kaldı. Kırık dökük kaldırımlar, tozlu yolar, iğde kokan hava, otların arasında bitmiş kır çiçekleri. Hepsi dışarıda kaldı. Ağustosböcekleri, tembel tembel hışırdayan yapraklar ve in confidence gece usul esen poyraz, onlar da dışarıda kaldı. ” İnsanın yapmadan duramayacağı hatalar vardı. Tıpkı sevmeden duramayacağı insanlar olduğu gibi. Bizi concern yapan şeylerdi bunlar. Meryem’i Meryem yapan da, Aliço’yu hayatının hatası olarak seçmesiydi.  .

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Delice - Hande Altaylı


Barbara Michaels, who has a Ph.D. in Egyptology from the University of Chicago, is a prolific writer under her own name, as well as the name Elizabeth Peters, which she used when writing a series on Egypt in the 20's and 30's. Her books often deal with borderline occult issues; however, Search the Shadows is a fairly straight-forward story of a young woman, Haskell Maloney, whose mother died in an auto accident when she was only 3 months old. Now a young adult and very recent graduate with a degree in Egyptology, she discovers during a medical premarital exam that she is a Tay-Sachs carrier, a genetic disorder generally limited to Eastern European Jews. Nothing in her family history indicates that she should carry such a genetic disorder. There is some mystery in her birth as her mother married a soldier who shipped out for Vietnam and was killed before Haskell was born. It was a sudden marriage and she has very little knowledge of her father, except that his name indicates that he was Irish Catholic. Haskell's mother Leah was a doctoral student at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, and Haskell, after calling off her planned marriage to an attorney who also is a Tay-Sachs carrier, moves to Chicago to learn more about her mother's life before Haskell was conceived. Willing suspension of disbelief is always a key ingredient to enjoy good fiction, and Search the Shadows requires only a modicum in order to enjoy Haskell's experiences as she meets and becomes a part of the studies of Egyptology in Chicago, where she becomes part of a group that includes several people that were a part of her mother's life. And yes, she does discover the secrets that had been hidden regarding her life.

2022-10-26 05:19


This was one of the 2005 RUSA Notable Books winners. For the complete list, go to

2022-10-26 05:13


I’m sorry to say that I really struggled to get anything out of this book. Having read through the first quarter of the book, I still didn’t know what it was supposed to be about; it seemed to have little direction or, indeed, point. I think it is simply a story about a girl with psychological issues – I think! The writing, to be fair, in places was beautifully prosaic which, sadly, was in sharp contrast to the rest of the book and to the story itself. I found the intimate and highly sexualised descriptions of a teenage girl to be seriously uncomfortable if this is meant to be a book for adults, which from the amount of, often unnecessary, swearing and the graphically described violence I would hope it is. The writing was confused and for the most part tended to ramble ponderously, going into great detail about issues which seemed to me to be unimportant in relation to moving the story forward. There were even some things mentioned early on which were so obscure and unrelated to anything that was going on, I actually wondered if part of another story had been inserted by accident. I had in fact put the book down after the first quarter because it was so awful, but wanting to try and be as fair as possible to the author, picked the story up again in the last quarter of the book. To give the author credit I felt much more comfortable in reading this part of the book. It seemed to make more sense; it had direction and flowed a little more easily. There were not so many ‘ponderings’ or other distractions, though there was too much graphic sex to make this a credible piece of literature and turned it more into soft porn, which perhaps it was meant to be, I really don’t know. Overall, this was a confused story which swung from beautiful, mature prose to very poor and immature writing. I couldn’t tell you what genre it’s meant to be, I don’t think it really knows it just feels a bit ‘all over the place.’ I really couldn’t enjoy the book at any level.

2020-12-27 11:06


Initially a story about an abused orphan, then a romance and mystery, this story has a genre for everyone. Versatile and entertaining.

2020-12-24 17:13


Sean Dillon kitaplarının en sevdiğim değil, entrika ve eylemin modern günümüz hikayesi.

2020-01-01 20:58

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