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  • boyutlar: Normal Boy
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Ben Kimim-Fil


First I have to say---what a tremendous book! I don't usually read thrillers---I usually find them too stressful to read on top of everything else I have to deal with in life---and also the title threw me off initially because reading about atrocities done to children is not something I want to read about (if the last bit throws you off too, take it from me as someone who can't read that sort of stuff, you will be surprised when you open this book what it actually turns out to be---I can't say more than that without giving anything away) but this book had gotten a lot of buzz (the NYTimes wrote a very positive review but be warned it also includes lots of spoilers: ) and my friend Juliet Grames HIGHLY recommended it to me. All that being said it has been a long time since a book has kept me up several hours after I should have been asleep on a work night and this one certainly did that! I roared through this book! So, what I liked about it: -The main characters/mystery solvers are women. They are not stupid or vapid---they are strong and intelligent---of course they have flaws but their flaws make them supremely interesting and truly make you care about them. They also compel the reader to keep reading to see what decisions these women will make next----they are unpredictable while at the same time they feel like women you might know or might have met at one time or another. -This story was believable and all the characters' actions rang with truth---every character had very specific motivations---they were all very fleshed out. -I felt the pain of the characters---and everything was very visceral. -Short chapters and great pacing made this book a breeze to go through. -I felt like I was right in the story and could visualize everything going on. I would recommend this to people looking for a great thriller---I would also recommend this to anyone who likes to read books involving strong female characters. This recommendation would be made to 2 separate groups. I could definitely see this book being made into an incredible film. I will buy a copy for my boyfriend's Mom who likes thrillers---I think she will love this one.

2020-12-20 04:46


This book gave me a new, more open-minded perspective on women in prison.

2020-09-05 05:29



2019-12-22 10:21

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